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Elegant Solutions International are the UK Distributor for Argento Audio

We carefully select the finest products, just for you

At Elegant Solutions International, we take great pride in the work we do and the products we install, carefully selecting only the finest products from leading brands that are reputed for their outstanding performance and unmatched features.



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Argento Audio

Argento Audio know what is needed to make a truly high end audio cable with an undisputed reputation for superb technical quality and unchallenged sound performance. 

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Organic Audio 

Organic Audio is the offspring of Argento Audio, created to develop an original, state-of-the-art line of more cost effective, but still high performance cables.

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Steinway Lyngdorf

We are very excited to add Steinway Lyngdorf to our Portfolio. The sound quality produced by their theatre and music systems is probably the best we have ever heard.

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Sony Projectors 4K

In an age where 4K is fast becoming the new standard in video resolution Sony were the first, and are still the best, in their price range.

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Sonos is affordable, sexy and sounds good enough to be welcomed into almost any home. It also has one of the best user interfaces we have ever seen.

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We love Rako. Rako Controls is a UK Lighting company that offers all a client or developer will ever need in terms of lighting control and management.

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As all our systems depend upon a solid, stable and manageable network, Draytek offers this at a very reasonable price point.

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Mains are dirty. There are spikes and drops that are very cruel to electronics, not to mention distracting to your video and audio experience. ISOL-8 helps protect and clean the mains supply to AV equipment so you can get the best from your system.

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